Content is key to reaching new clients and generating leads, but creating new content can be a challenge for small businesses. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a valuable tool for enhancing content creation and reaching a wider audience. With a free AI tool like ChatGPT, small businesses can generate content quickly and effectively, allowing them to post more frequently on platforms to their target audience. AI serves as a tool to enhance human writers, allowing for improved communication of products, services, events, and experiences. Join me to learn the basics about using ChatGPT in your business today. Don't worry if you can't make the scheduled live date, anyone who registers will receive the replay.

Testimonials from ChatGPT users...

"I believe that AI technology is a game changer for small business owners. This technology can serve as an endless springboard for creativity and a means for less creative individuals to ask questions and receive answers, providing a starting point to build upon. If you do not embrace this technology and integrate it into your daily operations, you risk falling behind in your marketplace."

- Max (The Crashers)

"Integrating AI into my business has already made an impact. As a vendor, it can be challenging to effectively communicate the value of our services to our clients who may not be familiar with the industry. However, with the help of AI-powered tools, I've been able to create personalized and engaging content that clearly explains the benefits of our services."

- Michael (Lloyd's Florist)

"Just starting to use AI in my business, I've been able to improve my email communication with leads and clients. I can better write personalized responses that clearly explain my services and answer any questions that clients may have. This has not only saved me a considerable amount of time and resources but has also helped me better connect with clients and demonstrate the value of my business." 

"By using AI, I can now better understand what my potential clients want and need, which helps me create content that speaks directly to them. This has led to more conversations and better relationships with clients. AI has also made it easier for me to communicate with clients, making their experience with my business better."

This webinar will uncover how you can:

Maximize Online Presence

Learn how to use this powerful free tool to easily optimize your online presence.

Boost Your Visibility

Create compelling content and leverage social media to increase your visibility and book more events.

Attract Your Ideal Client

Identify your ideal clients, target them effectively, and stand out in a crowded market with minimal effort.

Meet Your Host

Kristina Stubblefield

Kristina has been in the business and marketing field for over 15 years, bringing a varied set of skills to every speaking engagement and client/organization she works with. She has a comprehensive knowledge of marketing, as well as went to school for her MCSE which helps her to streamline systems and processes, interpret analytics, maximize SEO and understand the various components of digital marketing that lead to online success. As a celebrated podcast producer and host, co-owner of a digital marketing agency, and connection guru, Kristina is devoted to helping individuals, groups, and organizations save time and resources when it comes to their business and marketing endeavors.

Elevate your business with ChatGPT and boost online presence!

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